Netsuite ERP Implementation using Celigo

Your company is growing. 

And with growth cometh the pains. 

More systems to operate, more efficient means of communication between departments, keeping data available for everyone, better servicing clients, etc.

It’s a big package, but no one needs to tell you that.

You solved the data issue by putting together a functional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). But you still have some problems with getting that software implemented to other software that is equally critical to your business. 

Building native APIs does not seem to cut it. Yes, they are customized, but, in the long run, they can get pricey as you need to maintain and update. 

As with every eCommerce or SaaS situation you might encounter, we have a solution. 

Behold Netsuite ERP implementations with Celigo. This is exciting, so stay with us and read on!

What is Netsuite?

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With more than 26,000 users across the globe, Oracle Netsuite is a cloud platform that helps corporations manage their businesses. It is a software company that provides cloud-based management solutions. 

Their suite of applications helps companies run their business more efficiently, generating more gains and savings. 

The company started in 1998 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Their focus from the beginning has been financial services and ERP. They now provide an integrated system that includes HR, inventory management, omnichannel commerce, and professional services automation. 

Being a highly versatile platform, it allows customers to include services such as CRM, performance management, and payroll, among others.

All of the modules mentioned above are centralized in a common database. This allows leaders a complete view of their businesses and provides authorized personnel access to all business functions in real-time.  

To gain access to this SaaS company, customers pay a subscription fee. This means that they are not responsible for the infrastructure or maintenance of servers or software. Besides this, they get two software updates every year. 

Talk about efficiency and agility! Netsuite gives businesses control of their business operations at a glance and in real-time. 

As we mentioned before, one of the core operations of Netsuite is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which gives companies all the apps they need to operate and grow. But what is an ERP, and how does it work?

Let’s take a look. 

What is an ERP, and How Does it Work?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to all the systems and technology companies use to integrate their core business processes. In other words, an ERP brings together all the processes a company needs to run efficiently into on single system solution. 

So, users in a company now interact with one single interface instead of a dedicated one for each department. As a result, they can automatically share information and collaborate across business functions.  

Benefits of using a solid ERP software

ERPs can be hard to manage or tailor to specific business needs. But Netsuite removes the taxing job of creating and giving maintenance to local server software.  

At first, a cloud-based ERP can represent a considerable investment, but the ROI pays off quickly. 

The following are some of the benefits of an ERP:

  • Seamless communication flow across the organization
  • Strong cooperation between different business areas
  • No need to worry about outdated and inefficient technology
  • Better reporting with updated information
  • Faster response times provide a better customer experience
  • Improved accuracy in operations
  • Appropriate inventory management
  • More effective invoicing
  • Routine tasks are operated manually
  • Cost-effectiveness

Why does your business need ERP implementations?

To this point, the answer to this question is probably obvious. But let us briefly elaborate on some strong points that make Netsuite ERP implementation a must in your business. 

We will start by saying that Netsuite can be customized to meet your needs. So whatever process you need this system to break down for you, Netsuite’s SuiteCloud platform can get it done. 

What does this mean for your business?

Your company will have the flexibility required when upscaling and updating to keep up with constantly shifting challenges. 

Today, Netsuite addresses the needs of thousands of corporations of all sizes, from startups to household-name enterprises. 

So, here’s the spin on why you need ERP in your business: You want to stay on the flourishing and thriving part of the line and not stuck in a spot where the industry will pass you by. 

Your business should be able to quickly respond to a rapidly evolving business climate. This is essential. 

But what if we told you that you can connect applications and automate your business into your Netsuite ERP? If you want to provide superior service, behold the Celigo solution.  

The Celigo Solution

Let us get started on this one by explaining what Celigo is and what does it do. 

In short, Celigo is a company dedicated to integrating all your SaaS applications. The company started in 2010 and has ever since grown and increased its value. In their beginnings, they had a well-designed connector application for Oracle Netsuite. 

Celigo then has a strong connection with Netsuite from its origin. Just like Netsuite is climbing up the business ladder, so is Celigo by offering solutions that go well beyond the Netsuite scope. 

Today, Celigo provides tons of integrations options, including iPaaS, a robust integration marketplace, embedding native integrations, and syncing products like Excel, Gmail, and Outlook with Netsuite and Salesforce. 

Putting them Together

There is no doubt that Celigo is the most trusted tool to connect applications and automate all their business processes. Celigo allows a bird’s-eye view of all processes as well as more specific scrutiny of all procedures. 

You can eliminate manual data entry and exports, delays, and processes managed the old way.

Whatever your business is about, Celigo offers a wide range of integrations tailored for your particular needs. 

When it comes to Oracle Netsuite, Celigo is the “glue” that will integrate all of your apps with Netsuite to establish seamless sync between them. 

Successful implementation begins here

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Now that you know the importance of Netsuite ERP and how Celigo can get all integrations done automatically and seamlessly, it is time to get things running. Not sure where to start.

Start here with us. We can get things done for you so that there is no sweat on your end. So just relax and sit back and rest assured that we take care of all your business needs in this regard. You do not even have to worry about us tampering with your processes or digging into info we should not see. 

Our process is transparent and effective. Once you are set up, you are good to enjoy an upscalable experience. Add to this the unparalleled setup and maintenance of your eCommerce site Contra Collective style, and you’re better than good. 

Give us a call. We want to help.