Maybe now is the time to migrate to Shopify

“Bigger ‘package boxes’ will replace traditional mailboxes. 

Consumers will be able to buy wherever and whenever they want. 

Retailers will enhance the in-store experience to continue to attract buyers.

More companies will offer same-hour delivery.

More people will use virtual reality to shop, steering them away from buying physical products.”

Any of that sounds familiar? This was predicted by Shopify’s creator and mastermind Tobias Lütke in 2017. 

More than 1.3 million online stores run Shopify to offer their business, and it is currently the largest Canadian company by market capitalization. Since the company started in 2004, it has seen wild growth that continues to this day. 

Your business is booming as well, and you need to use Amazon’s preferred e-commerce provider to start trading like a giant.  

But what is in Shopify that will make you take the leap? Let’s take a look. 

List of Shopify’s most productive features

When it comes to ease of use, themes variety, and compelling features, Shopify takes a big chunk. The following is a list of some of the features you will find there:

  • Professional themes
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Full-featured shopping cart
  • 100 payment gateways
  • Email templates
  • SEO optimization
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Subscription app
  • Google analytics
  • Mobile app

Why you should migrate to Shopify: Top 7 reasons

The fourth quarter of 2020 saw a 94% increase in Shopify merchants’ total revenue compared to the same period in 2019. Top Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Heinz, and Tesla trust Shopify as their e-commerce platform. 

But if those are not enough reasons to jump in the boat yet, check out our top 7 reasons why you should joining Shopify today. 

1. Super easy to use

One of the things that set Shopify apart from its competitors is its ease of use. You need to worry about your business, not your merchant. Using a comprehensive dashboard, you can better understand your orders, sales, and buyers. The built-in store builder is intuitive and will get things in shape with very little to no development skills. 

2. Shopify easily connects with our partner Klaviyo

We use Klaviyo to help your business grow. Now, picture this with the added power of the e-commerce platform that hosts more than 3 million e-commerce businesses. Shopify can easily connect to Klaviyo, so you get to increase your sales. 

3. Shopify grows as you grow

If you want to keep on business, you should know that the ability to scale is imperative. Shopify Plus includes an enterprise-grade solution available when you need it. A Merchant Success Manager will help you define your position and goals for future growth.

4. It is reliable and safe

Shopify takes hosting and securing account information seriously. This is why they have invested in obtaining a Level 1 PCI certification. As with reliability, the servers have a 99.8% uptime rate thanks to ongoing platform maintenance. 

5. Your SEO rankings will improve

The power of Shopify will help you keep and improve your page performance. This is something that many retailers fail to realize. Take advantage of shorter URL strings, high-performance keywords, and a more straightforward directory to get you soaring rankings.

6. It will enhance web and mobile delivery

If there is one thing buyers hate is slow websites. Shopify is the first e-commerce platform to include a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which significantly minimizes delays in loading web content. Reduced traffic and improved performance translate into more sales. 

7. A myriad of apps and themes

You can easily add features and functionality to your store with over 2,200 apps and more than 100 professional themes. Everything from starting to developing your store is at your fingertips. If you are having any business problems, there is probably an app for it.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Some key differences

The core Shopify service is suitable for individual sellers or small businesses. But if you are a large company aiming for multiple millions a year, Shopify Plus is a much better option. 

In short, Shopify works for startups and small local businesses. Shopify Plus is for enterprise-level companies such as Nestle, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Staples, etc. 

So, what is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus? In essence, Shopify Plus includes everything Shopify does, but, starting at $2000/month, you get some features and enhancements such as:

  • Personalized and dedicated support
  • A higher degree of customization
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Enhanced API resources
  • Exclusive apps not available to regular Shopify users
  • Integration with existing platforms
  • Merchant Success Program
  • Unified dashboard to manage multiple stores
  • More detailed analytics dashboard

Shopify and Shopify Plus offer the same core functionalities essential to your business. Shopify Plus provides more support, higher flexibility, and deeper access to your store’s code. 

Ready to Migrate? We are here to help

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Are you ready to move your store to better fronts? At Contra Collective, we are experts in seamlessly migrating your existing business to Shopify, regardless of your current platform. Get in touch with us and let us lead the way to more sales and more remarkable success.  


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