Automating your Workflows with Klaviyo has a lot of sweet benefits

Who said email marketing was going to die and social media would take its place? It is alive and not only well, but it still boasts some staggering stats:

  • For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an average of $38. That’s a 3,800% ROI!
  • According to Statista, in 2020, global email users added up to four billion, and this number is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025.
  • In the United States, 90.3% of Internet users use emails as of November 2019.  
  • About 80% of marketers have reported an increase in engagement through email through 2020.
  • Small businesses see a greater ROI from email marketing. 

So, investing in a marketing strategy to build a list of contacts creates a solid business asset. But an effective email campaign is not haphazard. It must contain the right content sent to the right people at the right time. 

As your business grows, so does your contacts list. If you want to keep revenue increasing accordingly, there are two aspects that you need to work on: automation and segmentation. 

This is where Klaviyo comes into play. It is the most versatile email marketing tool out there.

Here in Contra Collective, we take pride in building robust email marketing campaigns integrated with Klaviyo and Shopify.

What is Klaviyo?

There are many email automation tools out there, but none of them like Klaviyo. The reason is simple. Although most email marketing platforms can offer email automation, Klaviyo stands out when it comes to segmentation.

Klaviyo was designed specifically for eCommerce, hence its high specialization. More than an email marketing platform, Klaviyo is virtually a CRM. We use it to engage with your best customers, segment by lifetime value, let go of clients that are costing you money, and much more. 

The software can be installed and integrated into Shopify by anyone, but to maximize its ROI, you may want to consider hiring Contra Collective experts. 

What should a good email marketing tool allow you to do in Shopify?

Before we mention all the fantastic perks Klaviyo offers, let’s establish a foundation on what are the essential things that an email marketing app should allow you to do in Shopify. 

  • Automated campaigns such as upselling promotions, abandoned cart, incomplete purchases, and order confirmation, among others.
  • Segmentation of clients based on purchase history and loyalty. You should be able to see what products customers have viewed and create segments around this. 
  • Forms that integrate with Shopify and automatically connect up with your email marketing service. 
  • An intuitive email editor with drag and drop features that allow you to build emails easily. 
  • Reports on the revenue generated by each email sent.  

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

The Shopify email marketing app

Shopify launched its native email marketing app in November 2019. It provides 2,500 emails per month for free. Once you cross that number, you pay $1 for every extra 1,000 emails. 

Given that this is already in Shopify, it might sound like the perfect solution to your email marketing. 


The email editor has limitations, with a few basic templates and not many customization options. Not even close to all the sweet benefits you get from Klaviyo. 

Let’s check them out. 

The Advantages Klaviyo offers

Easy to navigate UX

The design inside the app is very intuitive and easy to navigate, understand and use. All of it is very visual, and creating compelling emails is a breeze. 

The templates are easy to customize, and they are optimized for all types of devices, including mobile. 

Integration with Shopify is quick and easy

Klaviyo is THE email marketing app for Shopify. Hence, the process of integrating is fairly straightforward. The process is pretty streamlined, and the step-by-step guide is easy to follow.


Klaviyo states on their website that  ‘Shopify stores make $85 for every dollar they spend on Klaviyo’. This is a pretty good ROI, and we are sure that this is related to the intuitive automation flows and advanced segmentation features. 

Klaviyo’s website’s pricing page allows you to estimate your return on investment. In the example below, we calculated the ROI potential for a $5MM apparel and accessories store. 

Modern-looking templates 

Email templates are the first step into creating, editing, deleting, and managing email templates. Klaviyo has over 200 templates to choose from. You also get the option of importing a custom HTML template. 

Dynamic blocks

Personalizing your email content using dynamic blocks allows you to quickly determine what you send to what client based on an event that triggers a flow. The drag and drop feature makes the building easy and done in minutes. 

Robust, streamlined segmentation

Klaviyo takes the segmentation game to a whole new level. You can see what your visitors are looking at, what they are purchasing, how much money they spent, and how they interact with the emails and website. 

This data is stored in the Klaviyo business’ customer data and is helpful to segment more easily. This software will enable you to get better promotional results from an effectively targeted marketing campaign through customers’ data on behavior and transactions.

Strong Custom Web Tracking System

This solid web tracking system includes two types:

  • Active on Site. This is tracked when an identifiable browser visits your store. 
  • Viewed Product. This lets you know whenever an identifiable browser saw a product page. 

This information will create high-level business and marketing analytics to target customers with distinct criteria efficiently. 

Cutting edge data science

The automated technology of Klaviyo allows you to make money while you sleep without sacrificing functionality. The cutting-edge data science really lives to its claims. 

Klaviyo generates predictions based on the analytics that we mentioned above. These predictions include lifetime value, gender, churn risk, optimal send time, and product recommendations. These real-time reports are used to more effectively take advantage of each email sent. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Final words 

There is no doubt that Klaviyo takes away hours of work on your online store and allows you to focus on what is most important: build relationships with your customers. 

Do you want to get the most out of Klaviyo for your eCommerce store? Contact our team to discuss how our automated support and strategic marketing can increase your sales by leveraging your online presence.